Yoga Mat and Straps

Uncommon Sense for Kids & Young Adults

The Dalai Llama says that if every child learned to meditate than the whole earth would be free from war within just a couple decades. Uncommon Sense practices honor this philosophy, doing our best to help young adults feel how peace, calm, discipline and health are a lot more fun than they’re given credit for. 

Summer Yoga Camp for Tweens

Our tween’s yoga camp is truly an amazing experience for your youth! Integrating yoga philosophy into both creativity and play, your child gets to have genuine fun in the sun while learning the nuances of inner peace that will last a lifetime. Everything’s provided but lunch and props will be available for purchase if your tween falls in love with the practice and wants to take it with them. Amidst the changes and uncertainty of our modern climate, feel free to reach out via email or phone with any and all questions you have regarding the tween’s summer camp.


The young adults' camp takes place at the U.S.T. studios at:

755 Amwell Road in Hillsborough, New Jersey  

Kids’ camp is run through a Hillsborough studio called “Honor Yoga" the second week in August. 

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Monthly Yoga for Kids & Tweens

Starting in the fall of 2022, U.S.T. will offer biweekly yoga class each month to keep your kids actively connected to their own health & well-being. All classes combine yoga's philosophy for inner peace with exercises that allow the youthful yogis to feel the benefits of the philosophies in their own body. Exercises include traditional, partner and aerial yoga with all props provided on site though personal purchase is encouraged to inspire at-home practice. While all exercises will be displayed in-person for the kids to learn from, complementary videos will be on the backend of the website for many of the exercises so that your kids can take yoga with them and continue to accrue its benefits in the month between sessions. Advanced kids are allowed in the tweens program. 

Click on the pictures to learn more or the “Book Now” button to reserve your spot: