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Uncommon Sense for Kids & Young Adults

The Dalai Llama says that if every child learned to meditate than the whole earth would be free from war within just a couple decades. Uncommon Sense practices honor this philosophy, doing our best to help young adults feel how peace, calm, discipline and health are a lot more fun than they’re given credit for. 

Bi-Monthly Yoga for Youth

Uncommon Sense offers yoga for youth every Sunday at 5pm, twice a month for teens and twice a month for children 7-12 years old starting this spring. Designed to be transformative for your child’s mind, body and spirit, each class builds on the next and its recommended that your child prioritizes this practice in order to build discipline for health, peace and longevity in their bodies at a young age. While drop-ins are welcome, there are only 12 spots available and priority goes to series subscribers. Right now we are filling up for the winter practices beginning mid-January 2023.