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Uncommon Sense for Young Adults (9+)

The Dalai Llama says that if every child learned to meditate than the whole earth would be free from war within just a couple decades. Uncommon Sense practices honor this philosophy, doing our best to help young adults feel how peace, calm, discipline and health are a lot more fun than they’re given credit for. 

Monthly Modern Yoga

During the school year, young adults meet once a month for two hours every Sunday. A modern practice, it’s a mix of Ashtanga, aerial, and partner yoga & other mindful practices. 

Spring Annual Reboot

Spring is in the air and so are the young adults! Outdoor aerial and arm-balances mixed with gardening, we welcome spring in a balanced fashion - working with and playing within nature. 

Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

Uncommon Sense has its own social-emotional experience developed and offered to tweens and teens in New Jersey. Inquire in about how to go about getting it into your child’s school.

Holiday Healing Intensive

Over winter break, there’s a two day intensive where young adults meet to learn the benefits of meditation together figuring out what mantras they connect to most as they practice modern yoga and make meditation garlands together.

Summer Camp

Summer camp’s an annual favorite, offering young adults discipline and encouragement with ashtanga yoga, advanced modern yoga and a week of creation as they make a group film together to learn philosophy.

Online Learning

Bits of the social-emotional program have been recorded for the young adults to watch when they need support for anxiety, frustration and low energy states. 

What Our Clients Say

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Uncommon Yogi for 7+ Years

Brittany is absolutely THE best when it comes to working with kiddos. My own daughter, now 12, has been practicing with her for several years now and we adore her spirit, positivity, and guidance. I know that with Brittany guiding her, my kiddo is getting the skills needed to help her move through this crazy world in a centered way full of light and gratitude. Any parent would be hard pressed to find someone better!