School Kids Meditating

Youthful Yoga Summer Camp

A 5-day camp for tweens & early teens in rural Hillsborough, NJ where you (or your tween, depending on who you are) will learn how to keep calm and carry on within all kinds of challenging exercises and postures to build a balanced, flexible and strong connection with the body that'll keep it healthy for long into the future.

a five day, all day summer camp for young adults

to learn how to look at life with peaceful ease through Ayurvedic yoga

Hosted in a private yoga studio in Hillsborough, NJ on almost three acres of natural land on a flowing creek, young adults learn about natural health within nature. Weather-dependent, the camp's mixed between in-studio time with all kinds of fun props (think yoga barre, inversion support and aerial silks) as well as outside in the sunshine for any activities, practices and entertainment that are supported by the weather. To keep the experience supportive & safe for all youth, it will be limited to 7-participants. 


day one is ether

ether's there but you can't see it

Ether is the first element of creation - empty space that we liken to a blank canvas on day one. Whenever we embark on something "new," we get to create our own experience with it based on how we choose to approach it. This is the lesson of day one as we start our week together!

day two is air

air's invisible but it still moves

On day two, we focus on what we want out of this week and the changes we need to make to get it! Both on the mat and in our group project. Since air is what moves through space, we also learn how this all applies to nature - inside & outside of us! 


day three is fire

fire transforms anything it touches

Just like paint transforms a blank canvas, fire alters everything it touches. Day three is all about discipline and using our inner fires to alter any actions or behaviors in the way of our goals. As conscious creators, we learn how fire is necessary to create beauty within the world around us!

day four is water

water holds everything together

Bodies of water create space for life, keeping everything nourished and together. This day's where everything we have done comes together! The first three days of effort paved the way and on day four we act like water and nourish everything we did together into a brand new creation of life.


day five is earth

earth provides us our structure

On our last day of camp we explore the world around us and practice gratitude for the structures in our lives that make space for all of our uniqueness. A day to appreciate the human experience and the physical world around us! 


monday through friday 10a-4p
august 9th-13th daily schedule

10a-10:30a || welcome activity & juice bar 

10:30a-12p || yoga practice 

12p-1p || elemental discovery & creation time

1p-2p || lunch time & post-lunch walk

2p-3p || creation time / yoga coaching

3p-4p || advanced yoga practice