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An Uncommon Taste of Fitness

“True wisdom stands the test of time and is carried through the ages."

Your health, fitness and inner peace should not be in contrast to each other, and Uncommon Sense knows this. Personal training with U.S. includes standard practices like cardio, strength training and stretching alongside individualized breath work that balances your nervous system. Combining Ayurvedic wisdom with your fitness training, you leave every session feeling more like you while you know you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.

Basic Fitness Training: Short, Sweet & Simple

This “get to work" consultation is perfect for someone who is just looking for simple guidance on how to move, focus and breathe in a way aligned with their goals. Whether you're trying to increase endurance, get stronger or more flexible, lose weight or just feel more capable and healthy in your body, basic fitness training with U.S.T. provides you the uncommon sense you need to embody your goals in just one session with a plan designed for your specific body and goals.