An Uncommon Taste of Peace

“True wisdom stands the test of time and is carried through the ages."

U.S.T. specializes in holistic healing from the Vedic period (1500-500 B.C.) where the most natural yoga practices derived. By practicing alongside ancient doctrine, you receive the most potent medicine the body is able to receive because it's not adulterated by our modern appetite for technology and comfort. While this makes it a bit more jarring for some to digest, the benefits are always worth it! And of course we integrate technology and your personal comfort into our sessions so jumping into the deep end doesn't feel as daunting as it may seem.

Basic Yoga Consultation: Short, Sweet & Simple

This "no thrills" consultation is perfect for the D.I.Y. yogi who is just looking for simple guidance on how to breathe, move and meditate the yogic way. Whether you're trying to perfect a pose, nuance an exercise, or not feel like an imposter when you're meditating, a basic yoga consultation with U.S.T. provides you the uncommon sense you need to perfect your practice in just 30-minutes.

The video below tells you a bit more about a basic yoga consultation: