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what is... yoga?

Most of us start yoga thinking that we have it all figured out, just stretch and breathe, right? Except it's a lot more complicated in bodies that are all tattered, torn, weathered and rusted from day-to-day life in a synthetic world. So then, what is it? If not just breathing & stretching the body?

Simply put, yoga translates as yoking back together what has fallen apart and that tends to look a lot different for each person depending upon how her or his body has weathered and worn the elements of life. With an ancient lineage of yoking back together all kinds of bodies, it's a total package of body, mind and spiritual exercises that help all bodies, no matter the circumstance.

Check out the video below to learn more about the ancient perspective yoga comes from before thinking about what kinds of exercises your body may or may not need today to feel whole again.

how I coach you with yoga

Once you figure out what definition serves you best - dedicating toward personal excellence, consistency or surrendering control all-together - then we have a mindful place to start your program that's not so mind-full. If you have a hard time choosing one, we can look at your Ayurvedic profile to see which definition would be most beneficial for you from an Ayurvedic standpoint. The rest we figure out by looking at your goals. I'm trained in so many different varieties of yoga in order to meet my clients where they are at. As long as you're willing to commit to building a stronger connection with your body and personal accountability, the healing begins!

Directly below you'll find my most basic sessions, which I recommend for those coming here unsure of what they are looking for. While I have my more in-depth list for studio clients already well-versed in the offerings, these basic sessions create the space for us to work together to find the right fit for you. For those interested in long-term and consistent healing, reach out to me here to book your free session and let me know your general goals of working together.