An Uncommon Taste of Peace

"I offer you the guru’s truth, and in this way I am enlightened."

Try U.S.T. before you buy U.S.T. to feel the benefits your dollar will receive. Click the pictures below to tap into a modern taste of ancient wisdom and claim a bit more peaceful freedom in your sacred body today. With informational practices that help you understand what you’re receiving, our ancestors’ advice is demystified as you get to feel its fruits of personal freedom for yourself.

Breathe the Yogic Way: An Introduction to Yogic Breathing

Ancestral wisdom comes jam-packed with wild holistic benefits that don’t just improve your physical body, but also its capacity to contain your thoughts, emotions, and (arguably the most important) your personal beliefs and connection with your deepest sense of morality. Clients and trainees of U.S.T. must learn these ancestral methods first before continuing on to more nuanced breathing, moving and meditating to ensure personal health, safety and results. 

This video teaches you the foundation of yogic breathing and a bunch of the benefits you’ll receive from learning it (on top of peace of mind, of course).

Move the Yogic Way: An Introduction to Yogic Body Locks

The yogic body locks have been used to counteract ailments, increase awareness, support the integrity of the spinal column and fast-track one’s efforts towards peace of mind for couple millennia now, though they’re uncommonly taught to yogis in our modern time. According to the book The Truth of Yogathe modern biomechanics and calisthenics-based yoga variants are “far behind a system perfected thousands of years ago. A few of their best exercises could be but poor imitations of those contained in the ancient one.”

This video teaches you the ancient way of accessing your body’s ideal state.

Meditate the Yogic Way: An Introduction to Breath Retention

As beginner and introductory videos aiming to build your personal connection with the potent medicine of the ancient practice (and possibly hiring me to guide you towards accessing its fruits), it’s arguable that this video teaches more breath and energy control than meditation. All yogic tools guide toward a healthier meditative state and connection with the Universe at large, so I offer you the most potent tool for building meditative energy within to start: retention of your breath, or learning to find comfort in the art of not doing anything.

This video teaches you retention, building on the tools offered in previous videos.

Are You Craving More Assistance?

In order to honor the ancestral path, UST offers complimentary yoga once a week so everyone’s able to receive the fruits of the practice. Besides the videos above, I also have a boatload of YouTube offerings. Complimentary weekly practice is on Zoom Sunday evenings at 7pm starting in January 2022. Click the service links below in order to reserve your Sunday spot as it is limited to 50.

For those seeking more personal connection, UST offers in-person sessions at the U.S.T. studio in Hillsborough, New Jersey as well as private consultations online or in a safe location of your discretion. Travel is provided at-cost to you with discounts available through memberships and packages. Personal & Therapeutic yoga are booked the same - after booking expect an email or call to clarify your goals and/or healing. Learn more by clicking the images below.