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uncommon sense?

Ultimately, "uncommon sense" is spiritual awareness - or the ability to combine our logic that perceives and our emotional intelligence that intuits to understand what's going on in any given moment. It's also our ability to integrate what we can see with what we can't - what we know with what we cannot know in any kind intellectual way rather just know from our life experience.

Most of only know about IQ - our intellectual quotient and logical intelligence - because it simplifies our lives for us and makes everything seem easier. However, not many know much about EQ - our emotional quotient - let alone SQ - our spiritual quotient. To put it simply, IQ helps us see the world around us in black-and-white so that we are able to contemplate what's going on without the colors of our emotions. EQ, on the other hand, brings colors back into the world and helps us see how they fit and why certain people act and behave in certain ways (including ourselves).

The combination of our logical intelligence and our emotional intelligence come together to create our spiritual intelligence, or spiritual quotient (SQ), which gives us a greater understanding of the world at large and is what is tapped into in order to achieve lofty goals of enlightened living. From a physical perspective, IQ is achieved from proficiency in the left brain, EQ from the right brain, and SQ from the integration of both hemispheres and whole-brained living. 

"Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical. Physical relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul."

How Do U.S.T. Services Help?

A balanced brain doesn’t just lead to the path of enlightenment, it also creates space in the body for natural healing to occur through balance and maintenance. Any and all efforts towards inner peace and well-being bring exponential benefits to your daily health and general well-being, and the Vedic disciplines that U.S.T. specializes in offer you these benefits alongside time-tested insight.

This means that our services don’t take time to see results - you receive results each time you receive a U.S.T. consultation that last and grow thereafter as long as you’re keeping up with your personal guidance. Moreover, the more you learn to trust the ancient guidance, the less you need U.S.T. to support your healing and ascension journeys.

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