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Wanna Stress Less?

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for only $18 for the first 45 clients

Invisible Tools for Stress Relief

Struggling with stress - for better or worse - is still stigmatized in our time. This toolkit teaches you how to reduce the visual impact of stress while learning how to relieve and manage its impact in-the-moment

On-The-Go Instruction

Learning six tools total, each one is introduced with drawn out imagery followed up with step-by-step guided instruction on how to use the tool and feel its stress relief on-the-mat and in-the-moment.

Discounts for Early Adopters

All courses will wind up selling for $108 after UST receives enough reviews to market the courses. Receive discounts for being in the first group of early adopters with up to 85% savings on our courses.

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Post on Social for Swag!

Receive a handmade meditation garland for sharing your #stressless journey on social media - just make sure to tag U.S.T.! 

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