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Uncommon Sense Fitness

Reach Your Goals, Befriend Your Body & Claim Your Freedom to Live Your Dreams with Ayurvedic Fitness

Studio Fitness

30-minutes Personal Fitness

Shortie sessions are great if you’re on a budget and just looking for exercises you can do on your own in order to achieve your goals or to kick-start your personal fitness journey with yourself.

60-minutes Personal Fitness

This standard training session is great for you if you could use weekly or biweekly support to fulfill your goals. Using your body, bands, weights and other technology-free methods, these sessions fulfill your goals in a more grounded way.

Medicine Balls

90-minutes Personal Fitness

Great for those dedicated to their goals and making efficient progress, this premium fitness session offers us plenty of time to hone in on the nuances that ensure your success, and, more importantly, confidence in yourself getting there.