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Uncommonly Yours On-boarding

In personal consultations, we work together to help you build an aware connection with your body that allows you to honor it in a healthy way without falling into the chaotic connections within that stress can cause the body that make us feel unhealthy, unwell and uneased. 

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Visit Banyan Botanicals to learn about your Ayurvedic composition in order to complete the last page of your on-boarding form. 

Why Do I Need This?


Some clients prefer to practice online when they are on vacation, in quarantine or just when they have a long day and don't feel up to traveling. Up to an hour before your session, we can change-up at any time to meet on Zoom...

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Welcome to Personal Yoga!

The "Uncommonly Yours" yoga portal is a space where you get to come to remind yourself that it may be uncommon to put self-love first; however it's absolutely necessary in order to be your best self. The form below goes to me & the link below that takes you to your custom portal with practices, meditations and more!

password = uncommonlymine

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Meeting ID: 808 108 8808
Passcode: 108108108

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On-Boarding Your Personal Info

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