a modern look at ancient healing wisdom



Yoga is widely accepted as a means to alter our mentality into a more peaceful, understanding space by learning to reconnect with our bodies in a healthy, stabilizing way.



In 1985 the W.H.O. certified that the combination of Yoga + Ayurveda complements all medicine modalities and supports all bodily healing. Here we use it as much as you're open to it!



In eastern medicine, classical astrology is being paired among mental health practices to offer a means of preventative and therapeutic healing in a less stigmatized kind-of-way. 


Sense Support

Most people know about IQ and being logical yet EQ and emotional intelligence is still being learned, let alone SQ, spiritual intelligence and feeling comfortable navigating the world with both sides of our brains.

An Uncommon Approach

Studying yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology with gurus in India, they would call so much of their connection to nature "common sense." As a U.S. born Jersey girl, it definitely was not very common to me! And while I practiced yoga all over the U.S., only a very small percentage of the teachers possessed the depth of insight I received from my Indian gurus who still lived so close to both nature and the philosophies therein.

Thus, the "uncommon sense" approach is to reconnect you with the healing powers of nature and the intuitive forces of nature inside of your body alongside your comfort zone. With the cocktail of yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology, there's so much we can do together regardless of where you come from, what you're going through or where you want to go.

About Me

I have over 1000-hours of training in yoga and its many modalities and well over 3000 teaching hours, where I fell in love with both Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology. I started to fall in love with Ayurveda training in an Ayurvedic Yoga Village in Kerala, India while I learned Vedic astrology from a reputable Indian astrologer, psychologist and yogi from a Rishikesh, India ashram.

What's Going on at the UST Studio?

A business formed in pandemic times, Uncommon Sense Therapy is constantly adding new ways to reach the community to the site! Out in the community and operating out of our own local studio space, there are all kinds of options available for those in Central NJ as well as those interested in tuning in out-of-state from an online portal. Below are five of the new ways UST is moving through our New Jersey networks right now. Check out the ones that resonate with you!

It is a privilege and an honor to offer you nature's healing, peace & connection in this world. I am so grateful for your consideration and the path that led you to natural healing, whether or not you choose to heal with me!

- brittany

Online Meditation
Practice with UST Online

As I develop content for my online programs, I'm sneaking a boatload of it online for free so you can get a taste of what it's like to practice with UST. Click here to head to YouTube and the channel I started years ago that'll be repurposed for all things uncommon from here on out. There's all kinds of stuff on there! Free programs, chakra tunings, individual classes, breathing techniques - you name it. 

To meditate with me, click the link below to head to the freebie meditation portal on the backend of the website.