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Workshops & Trainings for Your Wellness Facility

Are you looking for a Yogi, Ayurvedic Professional or Eastern Astrologist for workshops or trainings are your business? I have been consulting for years in the industry and am so excited to work together to bring the amazing healing of nature to your community! Check out the workshops and trainings I currently offer below. If there's something more nuanced you're interested in that still fits in the mix, feel free to reach out at the bottom of the page - I love to create if it's something alongside my expertise.

A new business created during the pandemic, all of my offerings are available to local studios both in-person and online, depending on your comfort and business model. My prices also come in two forms: (1) a standard price to book the time for your facility and (2) a 50/50 split with stipulations available within the description and a non-refundable down-payment to hold space for the event. Check out the workshop or series you're interested in to learn more. To book 50/50, call UST at (908) 797-1844. 

Yoga Workshops

UST is starting off with just three workshops: 

  1. kundalini workshop that teaches your students how to become manifesting masters as it opens up their chakra system to step into that role with confidence and poise; 

  2. An Ayurvedic workshop that teaches your students how to care for their unique body with the life science of Ayurveda in three ways: (1) how to adapt their motions to keep their body healthy; (2) how to adapt their diet to keep healthy feelings alive; and (3) how to adapt their surrounds to stay healthy;

  3. Vedic astrology workshop that taps your students into their birth charts with mini consultations that not only offer them connection to the Universe and its greater plans but also remedial support to help feel more power in their life alongside the more challenging elements of their charts. 

Click the "Book Now" buttons above to learn a little bit more about each workshop and schedule the events within your community. If you have questions or would like to schedule your event on a weekend or Saturday, please reach out directly for custom hours. 

Yoga Trainings