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What's for You?

Personal Practices & Consultations

As a new or aspiring student of healthy living, I imagine it's intimidating for a lot of people coming on here and trying to navigate "how do these apply to me?" or "what does all of this mean for me?" First off, I get it! Wildly curious, I had all of the same questions! And since I already went through the process myself, I made this portal for you to help you figure out what you need in the way I wish was out there when I was looking! Browse around the videos below to learn more about yoga and all the different styles available, Ayurveda and how it helps to heal you, as well as eastern astrology, how it's different from western astrology, and how it was literally made to help you clear karma and stay peaceful in your special life.

Is Yoga for Me?

As an extremely eclectic soul, over the years I studied, taught and eventually developed trainings for so many modern yoga specialties and niches! Whether your business is looking for more traditional yoga (like hatha and kundalini), fun fitness fusions (like aerial, barre or HIIT), generational yoga (like kids, family and seniors) or therapeutic yoga (for everyday issues like lower back pain, sciatic nerve displacement, T.B.I.s), I have likely been trained and offered it in the past (because I love all things yoga). Below you'll find trainings I've offered to local facilities through New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Prices are available below, but if it requires travel outside of my state, heads up, I do add travel expenses.

Is Ayurveda for Me?

With Ayurveda, I keep it a bit more simple. While I'm in the process of becoming a licensed Ayurvedic counselor, right now I've just taken my trainings to be an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach as well as how to offer Ayurveda in Yoga, so that's what I offer in my workshops and trainings. For your students, I offer a wellness day and for your teachers I train how to incorporate yoga into their practices. Also, I offer a basics of Ayurveda course, which I've taught as both a workshop as well as a module in teacher trainings. 

Is Eastern Astrology for Me? 

Vedic Astrology is the newest of my offerings, so I keep it the simplest! I currently only offer one workshop for students and one teacher training module. Tethered directly to both yoga and Ayurveda, eastern astrology tells our life karmic lessons we came to work through to stay on dharma and is an amazing add to any serious yoga practicum. Check out my offerings and see if they jive with your business model.

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