it's uncommon sense


The way we breathe influences far more than you could ever imagine! Learn how to breathe to get the most benefits for your sacred body from every breath you take. U.S.T clients and trainees use this breath in every practice we do together. 

Breathe with U.S.

The way we move determines how our body feels. Learn how to move in ways that lighten your load and create space for your body to heal itself so you don’t have to. U.S.T clients & trainees use these tools to restore their bodies back into healthy alignment.

Move with U.S.

The way we interact with every moment impacts ow we feel about our life. Learn how to focus in ways that replace internal chaos with peace and remove pain from your body, mind and spirit with every breath. U.S.T clients & trainees meditate this way.

Meditate with U.S.

Acceptance of yourself directly influence how you interact with yourself. Learn how to embrace your true feelings in a way that helps you live authentically and aligned with your own morals. U.S.T. clients & trainees use this insight to build integrity.

Be with U.S.
The Uncommon Approach

U.S.T., like our ancestors, believes in your body, mind, soul and their power to overcome all of life’s obstacles. In order to holistically heal, we must integrate all parts of our experience back into the fabric of our lives. 

Uncommon Sensei

A NJ yogi and healer in the for the past decade, Brittany’s belief and passion for natural healing will be clear from the moment you meet her. Brittany dedicated her life to Vedic studies and natural healing after it helped her recover from a traumatic brain injury and spinal disc herniation from an accident.