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These sample patches give you the opportunity to try before you buy services with UST. For those seeking energetic support - whether mental or emotional - this introductory practice teaches you the foundational breath we use to learn how to alter our energy safely.


Our body's capable of amazing things when it's healthy. For those seeking physical support - whether to condition or heal the body - this introductory practice teaches you the foundational alignment we use to learn how to alter our body safely. 


Human potential is infinite when our human limits are honored, which is what meditation helps us balance in the moment. For those seeking their full potential, this introductory practice teaches you the foundational focus tips we use to learn how to alter our awareness safely. 


Each person's belief system alters their human experience. For those seeking spiritual support - this introductory practice teaches you the foundational exercises we use to honor our personal beliefs safely without compromise.

find your peace of mind


These sample patches offer you an opportunity to see how UST fits into your community. For those interested in a health and wellness class for their business, community or staff, click the button below to learn how UST relieves stress and leaves your community feeling its very best.


Just like a car will turn on & off with a key if all its parts are in the right place, your body will do everything you want it to if it's aligned properly. Yogic movement safely realigns your body into its healthy "S" curvature to help you regain control over how you move.


Chaos is addictive, and like any addict could tell you, staying sober is a daily choice. Meditation teaches UST practitioners how to choose calm in a chaotic world and thereby become uncommonly unbothered.


Humans seek to "do" far more than we seek to "be," which causes us all kinds of problems. UST practitioners learn tools to release the need to "do" and learn how to "be" again in order to manifest a life that feels worth living.

give unity to your community

Your Uncommon Sensei

Brittany's been teaching yoga and alternative healing for almost a decade after it helped her heal from a traumatic brain injury in 2012. With a passion for helping others see the world with acceptance and non-judgment, she found her niche in the alternative healing market offering therapeutic services to adults and peaceful connections to kids & teens.

Adapting ancient insight into the modern landscape is her life-long challenge with UST as her playing field. Brittany will teach you how to regain connection with your body's innate common sense to stay healthy and well in the most uncommon ways that'll leave you with renewed faith in the healing power of nature and letting calm in your own body.

An Uncommon Approach to Peace of Mind

The Vedic sciences all teach us how to embrace and understand the uniqueness of our world without duality - without saying it’s “wrong” or “right” on a greater scale. With UST, we learn this through our breath, movements and focus in order to feel its power and ability to make our lives more peaceful, authentic & free.


embrace strange, be the change

It is a privilege and an honor to offer you nature's healing, peace & connection in this world. I am so grateful for your consideration and the path that led you to natural healing, whether or not you choose to heal with me!

- brittany