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what is... ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, known in the east as "the science of life." It's an amazing practice of breaking down life into its most natural, simple elements and balancing the momentary imbalances in an individual body that causes disease. While I'm in the process of making a video to get into the nuances, I find it easier to start off with the basics... 

This life science looks at a healthy body as one that's in balance - a body that has everything it needs to succeed and feel ease within life. An unhealthy body, on the other hand, lacks something that it needs to feel well, i.e. there's an imbalance in the body where it prioritized one thing over another, which lead to it becoming dis-eased. Over the past 5,000 years, people have utilized Ayurveda to reestablish a healthy body, even if their body has never been healthy in this life because they were born into a lineage of unhealthy, dis-eased bodies. 

In order to heal in Ayurveda - to find balance - we simply use opposition, putting weight on whatever the side is that's fallen out-of-balance. First, figuring out the ideal healthy state of your unique body in Ayurvedic terms (called prakriti) and then figuring out where it is today (called vikruti). Once we know how imbalanced your body is from its healthiest equilibrium, we then know what we need to do in order to bring it back into balance. While this website is up-and-coming, you can use this amazing assessment from Ayurvedic practitioners at Banyan Botanicals to figure out your body and its imbalances today in order to utilize the resources below for healing today!

how I coach you with Ayurveda

Once we figure out what's going on with your body - where it wants to be versus where it is - we then talk about what kind of food you're willing to adapt to. Since Ayurveda sees us eating with all of our senses (and then some), this means we talk about what you're willing to adapt in your life and what you're not. Putting it more bluntly, we talk about what you're literally eating (diet) as well as what your environment is and what the other senses are taking in (smells, sights, feels, sounds). We also go over your habits - how balanced your activity is with your passivity, what kind of schedule you have for movement as well as relaxation, as well as what kinds of tones and pacing the body takes when moving as well as when relaxing. By looking at your lifestyle from the outside, we are able to see what's going on that's not in line with your body. 

Since we are all human, I don't expect my clients to adapt everything into perfection, rather we work together to figure out what you're willing to change, what you may be open to change, and what you really don't want to change and how that will all manifest together in terms of your own health and stability. Since the key tenets of the light are awareness, joy and understanding, I find my clients live happiest and are able to manage both their preferences and health best when we become aware of how our decisions will affect us, for better or worse.

Whether you work with me for Ayurveda alone or in combination with yoga therapy, I use our consultation times to create a plan for you that includes both our time together as well as what you can do in our time apart to live your best life. If you'd like weekly support, we can also talk about incorporating the Ayurvedic coaching program I'm working (below) I'm working on into your healing for a discount for tapping into it in my first year as a business. 

What's Available Now?

Ayurvedic Consultations & Ayurvedic Yoga Classes

Right now I'm offering two different kinds of Ayurvedic consultations:

  1. Consultations that help you eat differently with all five senses as well as adjust your daily lifestyle habits to support your body and its goals; as well as

  2. Consultations that help you identify with the major imbalance areas inside of the body and move differently so you know how to balance your energy in any given moment.

The first is a bit more expensive because it takes more on my end to prepare for your consultation. Both require you to take a dosha analysis ahead of time so we both know what we are working with before coming together. I'll also follow up either purchase with a phone call where we discuss your preferences and what you're specifically interested in.

To purchase and schedule your consultation or practice, click from the options below: