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what is... vedic astrology?

Rooted in the Vedas - India’s ancient system of knowledge - Vedic astrology is founded on a belief that our stars and planets have a tremendous impact on our lives. Much like who are parents and how close we are to them and when affects how who we wind up becoming, as does who the planets are and how close we are to them and when.


While the origins of Vedic astrology were derived from a largely intuitive basis, it is being proven in spades the more-and-more we learn on a scientific level about our Universe. Vedic astrology differs from modern astrology as our sun sign isn't simply based on a calendar rather what zodiac constellation the sun actually falls in when we are born. Same goes for the rest of our horoscope. Western astrology uses theoretical data while Vedic astrology uses actual data.


All of the ancient precepts that our modern yoga practices were derived from help up step out of a physically-focused existence (i.e. an ego-based life) into a spiritually-focused lifestyle (i.e. heart-based) that's able to see how we fit into the entire world under the oneness principle - that everything in life is connected and it's only our irrational fears that make us feel singled out and alone. While most of us struggle to find balance between our logic and intuition, the Vedas help us understand exactly why that is so we can start living our best lives again.


In terms of astrology, Vedic astrology help us see our life as a karmic play that we engaged in for our soul's own expansion and growth. By reading our birth charts, we show our logic and intuition how our life is very cause-and-effect oriented and it's all a lot bigger than what the eyes can see and what we feel in a moment. A Vedic astrology birth chart reading helps you step out of the shackles of fear that lead to building more karma, and into the interplay of faith that keeps you on your dharma and living your best life. Once you see that it's all planned out for you to excel, it's a lot easier to choose to step above your fears in every moment and work with the life you were given to learn from.

Life is a miraculous journey through the self back to the self, and a birth chart consultation is an amazing way to help us see, feel, and believe that again from the center of our heart. If you're interested, click the one of the images below to learn more about what a Vedic Astrology consultation with me looks like before putting any money into it.


If you have any questions, reach out on the contact form at the bottom of the page and expect a response within 24-48 hours. I'm so excited to hear from you! 

how I coach you with Astrology

Once we run through your birth chart - getting past "this relates" to "this is karma until I make it dharma" - we then talk about the remedies available to turn karma into dharma. Since Vedic astrology connects with all Vedic practices, they are interweave together to help us live our best lives. With the understanding that "karma" is simply our mind not living alongside our intentions, our birth chart helps us release judgment and trust the Universe so we can perceive what's going on in our lives more easily and get to the "good stuff" that our deepest self craves. 

Since we are all human, I don't expect my clients to adapt everything into perfection, rather we work together to figure out what remedies you're interested in, what remedies you are not, and then I am open and honest with you about what this means in your healing based off of my training. Since the key tenets of the light are awareness, joy and understanding, I find my clients live happiest and are able to manage both their preferences and health best when we become aware of how our decisions will affect us, for better or worse. It's not my job to make you do the work, but I do believe it is my responsibility to be open and honest with you about what it will all look like. 

Whether you work with me for a birth chart consultation alone or in combination with yoga therapy, I use our consultation times to create a plan for you that includes both our time together as well as what you can do in our time apart to live your best life. If you'd like weekly support, we can also talk about incorporating the Vedic astrology coaching program (below) I'm working on into your healing for a discount for tapping into it in my first year as a business. 

What's Available Now?

Birth Chart Consultations & Astro-Yoga Classes

Right now I'm offering two different kinds of Ayurvedic consultations:

  1. Consultations that run through all twelve houses of your birth chart as well as astropsychology remedies for malplaced planets in your horoscope.

  2. Consultations that run through remedial yoga and meditation classes to help you accept karma and stay on the dharma of a body choosing to "keep calm and carry on." 

The first is a bit more expensive because it takes more on my end to prepare for your consultation. Both require you to have a birth chart reading ahead of time so we both know what we are working with before coming together. I'll also follow up either purchase with a phone call where we discuss your preferences and what you're specifically interested in.

To purchase and schedule your consultation or practice, click from the options below: