An Uncommon Taste of Healing

“True wisdom stands the test of time and is carried through the ages."

U.S.T. specializes in holistic healing from the Vedic period (1500-500 B.C.). Most of the offerings below all have been practiced on human bodies for thousands of years and are still being popularized in new ways today.  Browse through the images below and click the one’s that intrigue you to learn a bit more about them.

An Ayurvedic Yoga & Habit Consultation

The sister science of yoga, an Ayurvedic consultation with U.S.T. offers you insight on how to adjust your personal practice and daily routine for the betterment of your personal health. While in 2022 we’ll be prepared to offer more lifestyle and dietary change, this consultation is focused on you learning how to adapt how you move - in exercise and in life - as well as how you schedule.

The video below tells you a bit more about life science of Ayurveda.

A Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Called “Jyotish” in Sanskrit, a Vedic birth chart reading helps you understand the karma of your life so you’re able to accept it, embrace it, and step cleanse judgment from it to accept your unique life and its lessons. Going through the twelve houses of the zodiac and where the planets and stars aligned the moment you were born, it’s insanely detail-oriented with all kinds of remedies and support to overcome struggles in your life and feel more faithful about it.

The video below teaches you a little bit more about Vedic astrology.