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Reconnect with your body in a way that's both nourishing and sacred. Yoga offers you holistic insight through common practices like breathing, moving and meditating. Click below to sign up...


Natural healing offers you power and insight into your own health. There are a plethora of ways that U.S.T. helps you claim your free will power to live a healthy, happy life. Click below to see what syncs with you...

uncommon kids

Dalai Lama says if every child learned to meditate that the world would be free of war within just a few decades. Let's do our part together to give your children the tools to make the world a better place...

client portal

Clients receive access to a library with an abundant resources for you to survive and thrive as an authentic agent of health and healing. Receive the password after your first session with U.S.

Online Meditation
A Stress-Relieving Toolkit

Does stress take over your life too easily? U.S.T.’s first online course is a therapeutic toolkit with practices, meditations and supportive PDFs that teach you how to adjust your daily habits and movements to build a healthier relationship with stress. All tools are invisible, meaning you’re learning how to release stress in any moment with no one ever knowing you’re stressed!

At the end of the program you’ll have trained six new tools to relieve and better manage stress forever. If you forget any, come back at any time for a refresher, work through a stress mess with a compassionate guide or just use the practices and meditations that helped you feel better. Click the link below to learn more.

Your Favorite Uncommon Services

Uncommon Sense offers yoga and alternative healing that complements yoga. This means everything offered through U.S.T. is connected to the dharma principles that help you live your best, most peaceful, healthy and harmonious life alongside our ancestor’s advice. Click some of the most popular uncommon services above to learn more about them.

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.
The Uncommon Approach

To say that our offerings are uncommon would be an understatement! While you may see all of these things available in other places, they either aren’t tied to Vedic tradition or they aren’t modernized for our time.


Uncommon Sense Therapy prides itself on creating services that provide the potent medicine of ancient healing in a way that’s digestible for the modern palate. All offerings further complement one another so that U.S.T. clients and trainees truly have a one-stop-shop for inner peace, natural healing & a journey toward enlightenment.

If you don’t see it offered and think it should be, let U.S.T. know! You’ll notice our services are constantly improving as we learn and evolve with our community...

Uncommon Sensei

A NJ yogi and healer in the for the past decade, Brittany’s belief and passion for natural healing will be clear from the moment you meet her. Brittany dedicated her life to Vedic studies and natural healing after it helped her recover from a traumatic brain injury and spinal disc herniation after getting hit by a car as a pedestrian.